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What Are The Main Elements Of A Good Narrative Essay?

Before we even get into the elements of a really good narrative essay, it is important that we address some of the major factors that will help you write a good paper in the first place. After all, there would be no use in you writing the task when you are certainly not sure you will make a good paper out of it in the first place. For narratives, one thing that you have to understand is that this is all about you. This task and everything else about it is all about you. It is important that you determine the kind of information you need to present beforehand, then work on it appropriately.

The biggest problem that so many students have is that they barely ever think things through. As a result of this, they start working on the task so fast, without thinking thing through, and in the long run, it becomes quite a challenge for them to present their statements and arguments in an amicable manner.

For your narrative, the following are some of the key elements that you need to consider as you are planning this paper:

  • Tell your story
  • What is the concept you want to highlight?
  • Provide some lessons learned
  • Have a call to action

Tell your story

When you are writing a narrative, everything else that you are doing will depend on your perspective. It is important therefore that you use this chance to put your ideas in order, and then dish them out systematically. Take advantage of the freedom of creativity here.

What is the concept you want to highlight?

Before you start writing this paper, you also have to think about the message you want to pass across. By understanding this, it becomes easier for you to set the right tone and path for your work.

Provide some lessons learned

As you are writing the paper, consider the lessons that you want to pass to your audience. Think them through before you put them on paper, and make sure they sound right.

Have a call to action

Any time you are working on a narrative, it is important for you to make sure you present a sound call to action. In this case, what you need to do is consider the reaction you expect from the reader once they are through with your paper.

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