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Essay sample: improving your own writing skills by reading them

Writing is a very critical skill and can only be mastered through practice. Students are taught to write essays from as soon as first grade. The complexity and length of these essays increase as you are promoted to higher grades. Students, who tend to avoid essay writing, will never get good at it. You can only learn something when you practice it.

Tips on improving your writing

Here are some important tips that will help you improve your writing skills

  • Read aloud. Whenever you write something and want to revise it. You should do it by reading in an audible voice. Read it aloud to yourself. It will help you understand the tone of the writing, the sentence structure, the comprehensibility of the content, the order and many other things about the content. You can identify where there is a gap and where the flow of the writing is missing.
  • Get a neutral opinion. When you are done writing your essay it is recommended that you ask a friend to read it for you. You can sit with them while they proof read it and listen to it from a third person. They will have a neutral opinion about it because they will be new to it and can tell you better. Moreover it is important that you stay open to learning and welcome any positive criticism.
  • Revise your essay. It does not matter whether your friend has identified a mistake in your essay or not, you should do it. Try to look upon your writing from a critique’s eye. Point out as many mistakes as you can so that nobody has the chance to do it.

Additional tips

  • Write on every topic. If you want to get good at writing essays then you must practice writing on every topic. This will help you get better and tackle every topic easily
  • Re-write expert written essays. You can also copy expert written essays and write them in your own words. This way you will get information and will be familiar with how to format and write an essay
  • Highlight your errors while proof reading. Remember to take a pen or pencil in your hand whenever you are proof reading your essay. Read aloud and when you are doubtful about a sentence you should re-read it again and again so that you should know whether it is making sense naturally or not

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