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How Can I Come Up With Creative Topics For My Definition Essay?

A definition essay refers to an essay where you explain what a word means. In this case, you can’t choose words which have meanings that are absolute, such as paper, dolls or trees. You can’t talk into this, because the meaning is absolute, and us not subjective. Therefore, for this, the cases that should be chosen are those abstract items such as love, honesty, etc.

The following are some creative headings for these types of essays;

  • Love
  • Each and every person has a different perception of love; while one may think that each person has a better half while others think that love is a fantasy, which can only be found by a rare pool. You can examine into the depths of love, and talk about the existence of true love.

  • Honesty
  • Under this, you can examine the beliefs of each person on the levels of honesty. You can look at the grey areas, such as, how withholding information can be dishonesty; some people may believe that it is dishonest, whereas some people wouldn’t really think so.

  • Humor
  • Humor is subjective, where one person may find something funny, another may not feel so. So looking into the aspects of humor can be interesting. There would be several aspects to talk about.

  • Kindness
  • Each person would look at kindness with different views, looking at how they measure kindness. Depending on every individual’s perception of life, their idea of kindness would vary.

  • Beauty
  • Every individual idea of beauty will differ from one another, with numerous different aspects to look at, an abundant amount of opinions, various things to talk about. This is a very open, rich topic to talk about because you can talk about how the opinions of beauty differ based on culture.

  • Strength
  • Different people will have different opinions on what they think is strong. In this, you can talk about how in some areas where it is the psychological aspect that matters, whereas, in other situations it is the physical aspects that matter. This is a deep topic as well, and it too is normative in nature.

  • Hate
  • This is such a strong term, which can have several meanings by how you look at it. How you define it is your perception of it.

  • Trust
  • Trust is like paper, once it is crushed, it will never be the same again. Every person’s idea of this will differ, and so you will be able to develop something beautiful that the readers will appreciate.

These topics should get you started on the right paper topic for your definition piece of writing.

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