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Choosing Persuasive Essay Topics: 15 Brilliant Suggestions

A persuasive essay essentially aims to argue various points towards the reader, in order to back up any point of view that you have made in your introduction. Therefore, when choosing a title to write about, you need to have a topic that has at least two different viewpoints. Some people choose to use controversial topics, whilst others stick with more mundane things. Whatever topic you choose to use is entirely up to you; however, in order to give you some assistance when it comes to thinking of that topic, the following provides some advice and information.

Pick a topic that you will have fun writing arguments for

It is a good idea to pick a topic that you will enjoy writing about. If you enjoy doing the work then you will be more motivated, which not only makes easier to get the work completed, but helps to ensure that you put the maximum out of effort into the work, thus ensuring that it will be of a high standard.

Keep an eye on topical events to see if any of them inspire you

A great way of thinking of good topics to write about is to keep an eye on topical events that are happening either in the local area or anywhere else in the world. To do this, you can read newspapers or watch the news, a note down any interesting stories that are reported on.

As well as keeping an eye on any news stories, you may wish to look at the topics listed below for further ideas.

  1. Should the media be placed under more scrutiny for inaccurate reporting?
  2. Should people with diplomatic immunity be able to get away with committing crimes?
  3. Are pool, chess or darts sports?
  4. Should mixed martial arts become an Olympic sport?
  5. Do sports stars do enough to justify their high earnings?
  6. Are the private lives of celebrities a justifiable source of public interest in connection with newspaper gossip pages?
  7. Does the Queen of England do enough to justify the tax-paid funding she receives?
  8. Does printed media have a place in the modern world?
  9. Should children own mobile phones?
  10. Should gambling be made illegal by the government?
  11. Is poker a game of skill or luck?
  12. Are children developing more allergies as a result of excessive cleanliness in the modern world?
  13. Should more be done to reduce immigration?
  14. Should governments do more to accommodate refugees from war-torn countries?
  15. Should governments keep secrets from the public that they have been voted in to serve?

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