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Topics For An Argumentative Essay: The Most Popular Issues To Write About

It can be hard to write an argumentative essay on a popular issue because you want to write an original essay but there ways that you can write about a popular issue and still have an original paper. You can choose a popular issue and look at it in a different way or choose a different part of the issue to cover.  These issues are the most popular ones to do your argumentative essay on and have many subtopics that you can make your thesis.

The Most Popular Issues To Write About

  • Healthcare:  With this issue you can argue about physician assisted suicide, medical marijuana legalization, health care reform, reducing healthcare spending, medical bankruptcy because of medical bills, and so on.  These are just some of the topics that you can consider with this issue.
  • Energy And Environment:  You can agree or disagree with how clean energy can help the environment, create jobs, and eliminate our dependence on foreign sources.
  • Sex And Gender:  You could argue about sexual orientation is a trait that certain people are born with or the rights they should have like other married couples and protections that should be in place.  You can also argue for or against prostitution legalization with this issue.
  • Politics:  Illegal immigration and gun control are popular ones with this issue but you can do any topic that has to do with politics.
  • Education:  You can argue about standardized testing, giving teacher tenure with bad teaching methods, public school reform, give parents the choice to chose the school their children go to and so on.  Look at all of the issues that have to do with education and then you can pick from there.
  • Media And Entertainment:  Are you for or against legalizing gambling, do violent video games really cause kids to be more violent?  These are just some of the questions that you can use for your essay.  Another on is the Internet, you can argue about regulation, for or against or you can argue about how Internet should become more available in a public, like free Wi-Fi in major cities.
  • Religion:  A popular topic for this one is the “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, that is said in schools.  We say this everyday but can’t pray in school.  Has the separation of church and state made religion blasphemy or is it the best way to approach the subject.  You could also argue about the existence of God, but that might be too controversial, so ask first before starting this topic.

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