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How to achieve success in writing your academic essays

When you are writing your academic essays, it is important that you continue to achieve success year after year. This can only be done by improving your writing. Before you start writing an academic essay, follow these tips:

  1. Read over your primary materials
  2. Read over your primary materials multiple times. Don’t settle for once. The more you read over the materials, the better you will understand it. Underline the things that appeal to you or stand you. Talk over the text with other people you know have read it, or read something related to it. Spend time developing opinions about the text.

  3. Read over your secondary materials
  4. As you research your primary materials, you should look into what other professionals have said about them. Look for peer reviewed articles and see what peers think. Look for a cross section of materials and see if anyone has remarked on the content or similar content. This will help you to determine the main focus of your academic essay. It will help you find something specific and compelling that you can prove within the confines of your word or page limit.

  5. So what?
  6. Perhaps the most important part of your writing is getting to the “so what?” part. The answer to this question defines the direction of your paper. Your “so what?” answer may evolve as you begin writing the thesis, or you may know it from the moment you start researching. Your academic essay needs to be informed and critical. It needs to be original and provide better insight into something than the reader already has. So stop and ask yourself as you write “so what?” Make sure you know why your remarks are important and why your essay matters, then show that to the reader.

Try and answer the following for every essay your write:

  • In my essay I will prove ____.
  • I will do this by arguing ____.
  • This is important because____.

In order for you to remain focused as you write your academic essays you need to continually ask yourself “so what?” and “can you prove that?”

Once you have done that, make sure that you follow the essay format of your class or teacher. While this may seem mundane or unimportant, you can improve your writing by continually paying attention to the important details of the formatting.

Overall, you can improve your academic essay writing when you don’t make claims you can’t prove or claims that you don’t have an answer for.

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