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What Swift Attempts To Display Though Gulliver

The book, Gulliver's Travels was written by Jonathan Swift in the year 1725. It was published in 1726 by Benjamin Motte and later again in 1735 by George Faulkner. In his book, Swift takes us to the 18th century. The main character, Dr.Lemuel Gulliver travels through different lands, thus the title.

What Swift specifically aims to display through Gulliver is the English society that prevailed back then. He brings out the basic elements of the society, portraying it as it is.

Swift uses satire in his book to criticize the morals and norms ruling the 18th century. With a humorous twist, he uses Gulliver to lay out common human weaknesses, beliefs and cultures. He attempts to portray even the most complex of all situations as light and weightless. Common topics like political issues, scientific and mathematical discussions are humorously winded, either positively or negatively. It is a different kind of world in which Gulliver finds himself, and indirectly Swift urges us to take a much keener look at the regular customs and traditions of the human society.

As an example, when Dr.Gulliver comes across a town named Lilliput, he notices that the Emperor of this place has a unique preference in selecting his counselors. The ones who are able to pass the test which includes walking on a tightrope, are selected. The aim for this test is not based on their abilities to govern rather on their willingness to agree to their Emperor's commands and wishers, and the connections they maintain with their families.

At another point in the book, Dr.Gulliver arrives in Brobdingnag. Brobdingnag has a King who is highly educated in the subjects of philosophy and governance. Dr.Gulliver in an attempt to impress the King, tells at length about various topics like the European society, political views, traditions and cultures. Gulliver's highly detailed and arrogant discussions do not really leave a fair impression on the learned King. The Brobdingnag King instead concludes by pointing out the lack of moral in the English society.

In the flying land of Laputa, Gulliver observes the lack of interest in a person's actual profession due to science. For example, the Laputa King gives his undivided attention to his instruments, thus neglecting his kingdom. The inhabitants there Really sorry. I got confused because here our timings are different. It would not happen again.have to tap him lightly with a harmless air bladder in order to distract him. In the same town, people do not prefer mathematical discussions especially geometry, resulting in oddly angled residences.

Therefore, Jonathan Swift uses satire by criticizing the fact that in real life, many solutions were created for a single problem, but none of the solutions were useful. Through Dr.Lemuel Gulliver, Swift takes us through a ride which is altogether humorous, morally criticizing and an eye-opener.

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