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Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a character part of a book series originally known as “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The book series is authored by J.K. Rowling. The book started off as an adventure story the author put together over a few years before it was published. It was originally published in the United Kingdom in 1997 before making its rounds around the world years later. The books have topped bestseller lists for children for several years before becoming plots played out in movies.

Harry Potter is a children’s story character but adults have found pleasure in following his magical adventures as well. The plot has a lot to do with wizardry and magic, which is something millions of readers found entertaining. The book has received raving reviews by young readers, but some critics feel the book series could have been written better and have mentioned a few harsh words of criticism to the author. Yet, this hasn’t stopped the book series from gaining over 30 million readers around the world. People enjoy the imagination and mystery the series brings to life.

The Harry Potter book series has become an important part of literary history. The book features various amounts of creativity and ideas that spark interest in even young readers. The series features compelling details and characters people can see themselves being a part of. The series really came to life when movies were developed based on written content. People would line up for tickets just as they would form long lines to purchase new book releases. The movies would add even more excitement to the plot, setting and character development. You could see more of the author’s work and insight she wanted readers to get caught up in.

Harry Potter is significant because many people can relate to him and his feelings despite elements of imaginative concepts. Something many Harry Potter fans enjoy is the element of suspense. Each time a book was release people couldn’t wait to see what happens with their favorite character. When the book became a movie the suspense level was heighted even more. Even though millions of people young and old love the series, many wonder why criticism against the author was so harsh. Were critics jealous an average person was so creative with her writings that it drew a worldwide audience? Or, was the content just something they couldn’t get into like everyone else?

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