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Academic help: how to improve essay writing skills

The greatest challenge for any student is how to ensure that they write an impressive if not an award winning essay. For a student who hopes to be able to write good essays should take a leaf from the proverb that practice makes perfect. A sure way of ensuring that one gets better at essay writing is by writing more essays. However, that advice might not be too practical to most students since they might not be having the time to improve their writing by writing more. There are a number of supplementary ways that one can use to improve their writing skills.

  1. Read more essays
  2. One sure way that a person can help to improve their writing skills is by reading. Reading samples of essays written by others would help a person to know what is expected in terms of the tone, structure and formulation of arguments. Reading helps to mould a person’s writing style. When reading the essays one should study the essay, paying close attention to the language, tone and structure of the paper.

  3. Improve the vocabulary
  4. By having a good command of the English language, a student would be able to express him or herself better. This would be of great help when putting across the essay arguments. Since a good essay should not be too wordy, one would need to have the correct vocabulary so as to ensure that they are as concise as possible. To improve the vocabulary one could spend more time with a dictionary or thesaurus. One should not just have good vocabulary but he or she should know how to use them correctly.

  5. Learn synonyms
  6. A common mistake made by a number of students when writing an essay is to use the same words throughout the essay. This makes the essay sound boring and unintelligent. One should ensure that they are conversant with different words that can be used interchangeably. This would ensure that the essay is interesting and insightful to read. Also it would empower the writer to develop their arguments intelligently.

  7. Learn to pitch the essay
  8. Even after having read essay samples and getting armed with impressive vocabulary, one would be challenged to write the essay. One needs to know how to organize and pitch their arguments to ensure that it brings out the points that the writer wished to elucidate. For instance one could learn how to use the elevator pitch technique on their essay.

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