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Using Professional Advice: How to Write a Proper Introduction for an Essay

Every essay should start with a proper introduction. First impression makes people want to read further. This relatively small piece of text raises questions, sets the tone for the discussion, and helps to understand the whole structure of a paper. The task is to make it catchy, interesting, and inspiring. Follow the steps below and write a great introduction:

  • Step 1. Write a Perfect Hook.
  • A proper introduction starts with creating a perfect hook. You do not want your reader to put down the essay and forget about it, do you? To avoid such a kind of a situation a writer should carefully think of the first sentence. It leads to several other sentences which give more details about the topic; specifies the subject you will talk about later, or intrigues the readers.

    You can mention a fascinating fact or up-to-date facts. Try to surprise other people. However, information should be relevant to the main topic of the essay. Some students consider using a funny story or an anecdote as a plot, but it fits when you are preparing a less formal assignment. Otherwise, it is better to think twice. For formal papers many professors suggest starting with a quotation which often requires some additional explanation.

  • Step 2. Move to the Main Body.
  • Check if you have to explain the hook, make certain that everything is clear to the reader. Especially, be careful raising a question or a problem. In most cases it is necessary to give a possible answer or explain how it is going to be solved.

    Then outline the main point. In academic papers it means to provide an argument or a hypothesis related to the subject which you support. Less official essays can contain personal attitude to the subject.

  • Step 3. Create a Proper Thesis Statement.
  • A thesis statement is a summary of one or two sentences which answers the question about what the main point of the essay is. It is a claim, not an observation or the data you found. A statement is able to be asserted or argued. It demonstrates your personal attitude. The debatable stand can be divided into parts later and considered in different paragraphs.

    Remember that a good thesis statement is not a question, but a claim showing a point of view. It helps to understand links between the hook in first sentences and the arguments in the thesis and later in the main body of the essay. Do not make other people feel confused, give them a clear line. Be clever and readers won’t be able to stop reading your work.

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