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Seven secrets of stylish academic writing

Imagine for a moment that you are the editor of a well read magazine, or even better, you have been called upon by the Convention due to your exceptionally great research skills and sent you an invitation to contribute an essay. Unfortunately, you only understand production of impersonal papers, stodgy materials for a peer reviewed disciplinary journal.

How will you manage to undo all the years of training and begin writing like any other person? Most academics are faced with a dilemma once they begin engaging with online media or print for the first time. Below are seven secrets to create stylish academic articles.

Begin with writing the title

Most titles involving academic articles are in most cases abstract, utterly uninviting and technical in one way or another. It is therefore up to you to captivate the title, make it appealing to interest your target reader. Otherwise, one title sounds vague, what come to the mind of the reader is that the entire copy is also vague.

Make a Follow with opening hooks

Make a follow up your own engaging title and an opening paragraph which has question, anecdote, quotation, or description, a surprising fact, a vivid scene. Try tossing up your readers into the center of a story that has already set off.

Tell your story

Most stories that are most liked have human being in them. You may consider trying to make yourself the central character in your story of academic discovery and challenge.

Try to be human

Always remember to write from a human being point of view. This will help you write for other human being as well.

Be concrete

Most academics in most cases traffic in an abstract language. However, readers end up grasping these abstract concepts in a better way once they are grounded in a physical world.

Vary your verbs

Verbs can be said to be batteries that give energy to your sentences. Predictable and flat sentences only give you predictable prose. So make sure they are properly brought to use so that all sentences read well.

Sweat the details

Creating lazy, baggy prose can be easy but writing precise and clear prose that is lively all through can be challenging. To be a stylish writer, you have to polish and hone your sentences to gleam!

Whatever the subject you have at hand, these will assist you in energizing your lectures, producing better consequential research and sharpening grant applications.

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