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Selecting essay topics: a helpful guide for those who has a poor imagination

Choosing an essay topic requires a bit of fearlessness and some imagination. Unfortunately, too many students have not exercised their imaginations enough to be able to use them for creative purposes like choosing an essay topic. Some people have clever imaginations, but they simply need a little spark to get their imaginations brewing. No matter where you are on the imagination scale, this is a little guide to help you choose an essay topic.

  • Know about the seven stories: Even though you are writing an essay, knowing about the seven stories can help you select an essay topic. The seven basic types of stories include comedy, tragedy, the quest, rags-to-riches, defeating the monster, the journey, and the rebirth. If you are writing a narrative essay, pick one of these stories to help get started.
  • Ask “So what?”: This general question can help you formulate an essay, especially if you have been given some guidance for a topic. For example, if you have to write about controversial issue, pick your issue and then ask “So what?” to narrow your focus to a realistic essay topic. This question gets writers to dig a little deeper into a topic. When you are answering the so what question, write down your answers so you do not miss out on a great opportunity.
  • Look online: Searching for essay ideas online is totally appropriate. The Internet is full of essay ideas and every single one of them is fair game. The only problem with hunting for essay ideas online is that there are so many options, so you might be overwhelmed and have difficulty choosing. If this is the case, choose the first one you see and go with it or find a randomizer. With a randomizer, you can put several topics in an app, and the app will pick an option at random.
  • Pick a word: Pick your favorite book, song, or other piece of text. Then, open it up to any page. Close your eyes and drop your finger on the page. The word you land on becomes the inspiration for your essay topic. If you land on an article or conjunction, turn to another page and find a new word. You could even look for a word in a dictionary if you really cannot find anything anywhere else.

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