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How do you write a conclusion for an essay: several essential prompts

Some students find writing a conclusion for an essay more challenging than any other part of the assignment. Some feel this is no big deal since the reader should have gotten the main message from previous parts of the essay. In fact, the conclusion is just as important as the introduction and the body paragraphs. This is how your essay comes to a close. It should give readers the impression the subject matter was presented well while being left with something to remember. The following points are prompts to remember to help you write a conclusion with meaning.

  • Keep Your Conclusion Content Short and Simple
  • Try not to add fluff to your conclusion, just be precise with information you want your audience to know. Your conclusion should be about ten sentences in length or less. This should cover points mentioned throughout your essay content. You should rewrite points and your thesis but you will paraphrase or summarize the content instead of rewriting it word for word. No new points need to be mentioned but you want to reiterate what your audience should take from the content as you bring it to a close.

  • Reiterate Your Main Idea, Supporting Points and Your Introduction
  • Your conclusion recaps main points and your thesis. This is a good point to remember when writing conclusions for lengthy essay content. You should make sure the main message you want to communicate to readers is picked up through the main points you summarize. For shorter essays it may help to rephrase points with fresh content. Shorter essay conclusions may not need to include as many main points as a longer essay. You may want to highlight just one or two points and compare your content to what is mentioned in your introduction.

  • Make a Lasting Impression with Memorable Details
  • Making your conclusion memorable is like creating a hook for your introduction. You need an element that will connect to your readers. Aside from leaving them with a memorable message you hope they take from the context you may want to include a brief explanation as to why this subject matter was important. You can provide a call to action or leave readers with an interesting thought. A quote is another option if it seems appropriate in helping you make a good exit.

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