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Essay Writing Tricks: How to Capture the Reader’s Attention With Style and Imagination

Essay writing is full of tricks. In fact, that was just a trick. I began with a short, simple introductory sentence with no comma clauses, long introductions, with no interruptions, and that is direct and to the point. Essays are like coaxing a friend into a super-cold pool, you draw in your reader slowly, and without telling them the water might be cold, scaring them, or overwhelming them. So, you don’t want a bunch of winding sentences near the beginning—you want to hook them first—and the best way to hook them is through seductively, charmingly, and “down-to-earth-edly” drawing them in.

But before you do that—you must have an inventive title. Think of a humorous or attention getting slant on your topic. Or the qualities about the subject you’re writing about that you like. That’s what I always do. For instance, I was writing an essay on eyewear recently, where I found an interview with the eyewear designer, and she said she was inspired by the colors of the light on the water during sunsets, so I thought, call it Water Music – and use a colon to introduce the more general part of my topic—for example: Water Music: The Inspired Eyewear of . . . “ See how I did that? I mused on something poetic the author said and created a title that makes you want to read about such a mysterious topic. Or what else you can do is use a “snippet” of a quote from one of the primaries in your essay—something great or intelligent they said –like, an essay on National Book Award winner might be titled, “Applying Pressures to the Heart: Tim O’Brien and The Things they Carried,” as in an interview, he stated that was what he tried to accomplish in this novel, to apply pressures to the human heart.

You want to relate to your reader enough at the beginning that they identify with you immediately. Write very much from that “I” place that really is you. Talk to them as you would a friend about the topic (if you are in middle or high school), and as if they are a scholarly colleague if you are at the graduate level. In other words, don’t put your reader on such a high pedestal that you cannot reach them.

Also, make sure your conclusion echoes in the mind and ear of your reader. Some advice for doing this is to bring the essay into the very current moment of your topic—say texting and driving. Say you are writing an argumentative essay that cellphones should somehow be programmed not to operate while the car is moving. Bringing that topic to the very present moment might discuss how many people have already been killed in accidents this year because of texting and driving. Move to a hint of drama and making people really feel something about your topic in your conclusion.

An essay is a piece of art if done right. Teachers know that the only good reading is reading something that meant something written by someone for whom writing the essay actually meant something significant. And everyone, if they want or have to read something, wants something good to read.

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