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How To Become An Experienced Essay Writer And Always Get A+

Getting an A+ on your essay isn’t as hard as you think. Once you know what criteria your teacher is looking for, it becomes easy to meet those requirements every time. The more you write, the better you will start doing; so let’s take a look at how you can reach the pinnacle of essay writing talent.

Every sentence must serve a purpose

Each sentence you write must hold to the crux of the topic. If you repeat the same point twice, you will automatically lose a point because of redundancy. Let every sentence contribute to your point and don’t compromise on even one word.

No useless words

You will most likely have a strict word count to adhere to so don’t waste it. If you are using pointless words to fill space, your teacher will pick up on it and the flow will be broken. Become an expert at shortening sentences so that you can say more in the space you’ve been provided. The more you say, the more points you will obtain.

How to write with purpose and generate interest

The first phase of writing a paper that is interesting is by choosing a catchy topic. Once you have this in place, it’s just as important to choose your main objective for the essay. For example: “To convince the reader that growing organic vegetables at home is much better than buying them at the store.” Now all that remains is to write every sentence according to that main objective. This way, your reader will find every sentence interesting as well as meaningful to the purpose of the essay.

Overkill on the proofreading and editing

Every time you proofread your paper you will end up finding something that can be improved upon. Don’t hold back from proofreading your essay as many times as you need to. Most essay tutors will tell you to proofread twice or three times. Go for double that and even consider making a seven-times-rule on your proofreading.

Ask for honest feedback from your teacher

If you have tried all these points and still haven’t attained an A+, ask your teacher to point out where you went wrong. Let him or her know that your goal is to get an A+ on every essay and that you will not give up until you get it right!

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