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Study tips on how to write essays on topics you don't like

Instructors are notorious for assigning essays on topics that students do not like. In fact, instructor assign topics more often than they allow students to select their own. In most instances, the topics are related to whatever you are studying in class and the essays are usually used as assessments to prove that you have actually learned the topic. By the time that students are given the essay assignment, they have already had an extensive amount of time with the subject so they are quite tired of the topic already.

  • Get Over It and Get the Job Done
  • Unfortunately, students still have to write the essays even if they do not like the topic. So, you will simply have to write the essay and get over your dislike for the topic. Your grade will suffer if you do not write the essay, so it is in your best interest to write the essay the best that you can.

  • Follow the Typical Essay Template
  • When you have a topic that you do not like, you will have to adjust your attitude and get the work done. You can try to make the topic enjoyable by writing a clever hook in the introductory paragraph. Since essays tend to follow a template, you will just need to fit the information about the topic into the template you know. The introduction will need the hook, then the bridge, and then the thesis. You should do your best to hide your dislike of the topic, which is a way that you can make writing the essay enjoyable, too.

  • Do Not Procrastinate
  • Too often, students who have to write essay about topics they do not like end up procrastinating. This is the worst thing to do with an essay like this. The best thing that you can do is get the essay done as quickly as possible. This will get the assignment out of the way so you can enjoy doing something else without having to worry about the unfortunate essay topic.

  • Turn the Topic into Something Enjoyable
  • Another idea that can make the essay more enjoyable is to write on the topic, but to try to focus the essay on an aspect of the topic that you do not mind. Anyway that you can try to make essay writing more fun will help you write essays that are good.

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