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10 Good Topics For A Cause And Effect Essay

There will be many, many, times when you are called upon to compose cause and effect essays. Sometimes you may be assigned a topic for your paper. In many cases, however, it will be up to you to come up with the subject for your research and writing.

It is important to remember that a cause and effect essay aims to explain the results of a situation, circumstance or series of events. The tone of the paper should demonstrate a keen understanding of the topic under discussion and be neither emotional, nor overly personal in nature.

Here are 10 suggestions if you are feeling stuck coming up with a topic for your assignment.

  1. Too Much Time Using Social Media? What Are The Effects?
  2. It seems everyone is on facebook, when they are not busy tweeting! What effects does this have on our economic productivity, our personal relationships and our lives in general?

  3. What Are The Causes Of The Ebola Outbreak In Africa?
  4. Is poor sanitation to blame, or a lack of education? Or is it impossible to predict when and where the disease will rear its ugly head?

  5. What Are The Effects Of Infectious Disease Outbreaks On Global Travel?
  6. Do people travel more, or less during a period where a part of the world is experiencing a contagious disease outbreak? Are the effects global or regional? Do plane tickets get more expensive, or does the cost of travel fall?

  7. Are There Any Health Effects That Occur Due To Mobile Phone Use? What Are They?
  8. Is it possible that too much cell phone use can lead to brain cancer? What is the evidence to back up those claims?

  9. What Was The Effect Of The Assassination Of J.F.K. On American Politics?
  10. Sometimes it can be interesting to go back into history to hunt down a topic for your next cause and effect essay.

  11. What Are The Effects Of Alcoholism On The U.K.'s Economy?
  12. We know there are health costs associated with drinking and drugs, but what about the economic effects?

  13. What Causes Teenagers To Start Using Drugs?
  14. Are they bored? Are drugs glamourized in the media? Why start using?

  15. What Are The Psychological Effects Of Violence In The Media On Children?
  16. Does a constant barrage of violent images desensitize young people?

  17. What Is The Leading Cause Of Unemployment In Your City?
  18. Look locally for a topic. What are the causes of unemployment where you live?

  19. What Caused The “Arab Spring” Uprising In The Middle East?
  20. Social unrest or social media? Perhaps a combination of the two were responsible for the uprising. You decide and then defend your position in your next cause and effect essay.

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