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How to write an essay conclusion: getting handle on tough issues

The conclusion is as important as any other part of your essay. It is the place where you terminate your essay by giving your critical opinion or findings about the topic. It also summarizes the whole essay and should be given utmost importance. A good conclusion should contain all the ingredients of your essay. It should be meaningful with a clear opinion about the topic in the end. A conclusion is also considered as the most difficult part of a paper as most of the writers, even at the english essay writing service, find themselves short of ideas. The conclusion is something which any reader remembers the best of all. Therefore, you should try to make the conclusion the best part of your essay.

Ingredients of a conclusion:

The following should be the ingredients of a good conclusion:

  • - It should clearly stress the relevance of the thesis statement of your paper.
  • - It should give your essay a sense of completeness which a reader should definitely notice.
  • - The essay should be logically terminated with some finding or an opinion at the end.

Tips for writing a meaningful conclusion:

Following tips are critically important in writing a meaningful and thought provoking conclusion:

  • 1. The conclusion should answer the questions which could arise in the mind of the reader to the relevant topic. Prove that why this topic is important and how is it useful for the reader.
  • 2. You should synthesize your topic, rather than just simply repeating the things that you have already narrated in the body of the essay.
  • 3. The conclusion should ideally redirect the reader. It should give something to the reader to think about. It should ideally be a conclusion which is relevant to the real world.
  • 4. The conclusion should also create a new meaning for the whole topic. It doesn’t mean that you have to put new information in order to generate a new meaning. Rather, demonstrate in new words that how your ideas work together.
  • 5. The conclusion should essentially echo the introduction of your essay. Go through the introduction of your essay and then generate the same idea in fewer words in a new way altogether.
  • 6. The conclusion should also look into the future. It should be put as a new challenge for the reader which would urge them to think that what will follow after this conclusion in the real world.

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