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Media Portrayal Of Women

The media can portray the image of women better than it does now. There are times where women are shown in better light, but that doesn’t mean they are always portrayed positively. Different aspects of the media tend to give women images that are tasteless and inappropriate. This is often why some women are uncomfortable with themselves in how they look. They see such images brought to their attention by the media and get the idea they are supposed to look a certain way. The problem of portraying women as sex objects and eye candy continues to linger on.

For years women have been used as sex objects or in provocative ways to help sell something or grab attention of the viewing audience. There are times this can be done tastefully such as when products and services for women are being advertised and promoted. But, when does it become too much to see a woman being part of something that seems degrading or embarrassing. How did music videos, alcoholic beverages, and even toys become more than just using a pretty face? Unfortunately, women have been used to help bring truth behind the saying of “sex sells.”

There is a fine line between portraying women in a positive and negative light. When a woman chooses to be a part of a media project she knows the odds and ends of what can happen and what to expect. Her image could be tarnished depending on what others will associate her looks and actions with. A woman may have issues with her self-confidence when trying to be like women she saw on television or over the internet. At the same time, can you blame companies for using women in different ways to make a profit?

Women have made contributions in this area you can be proud of. It is a matter or recognizing what should be brought to the attention of others. There are more women in control of certain positions in the media. This could mean we may see more positive images of women being put into legitimate roles. We have seen women take on challenging issues and other women standing up for what they believe in. The media has helped raise this awareness, but others feel it can portray women better beyond this point. What can be done to reduce inappropriate images of women in the media if it helps companies sell, promote and market products?

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