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Alcohol Use And Its Impact.

The act of using alcohol refers to the actual consumption of alcohol. There are two different levels of alcohol consumption, which include moderate alcohol drinking and heavy drinking of alcohol. Moderate consumption of alcohol can offer consumers numerous health benefits, unlike heavy drinking that comes with diverse consequences. Heavy drinking, therefore, indicates the impact on institutions such as education, marriage, profession and family.

Heavy alcohol use, which results in alcohol abuse, has a principal influence on the health of persons consuming it. Heavy consumption of alcohol caused various negative health results such as heightened risks to trauma and early mortality. This in turn causes strain on hospital and emergency services offered in different countries. Their research also indicated that alcohol use induced interpersonal violent behaviors that resulted in various forms of trauma such as burns and injury.

Alcohol use and its dependence have affected most college students, thus causing an impact on education. The Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey made on 2400 college students indicated astonishing trends in alcohol use at college level. Most of the students who consumed alcohol took part in binge drinking which led most of them to being inactive in class.

Additionally, most of the binge drinkers ignored school work and most missed classes, due to other effects such as injury, unplanned pregnancies and arrests by the police. This also brings the health issues to light on individuals who consume alcohol.

The use of alcohol has also increased the prevalence of crime in the principal cities around the world. Compared to other drugs and substances, alcohol was indicated as the greatest influencer of violent behavior in teens, college students and adults. Significant criminal conviction rates also indicated that most offenders acted on impulse created by alcohol indulgence. Although some of the convicts had health conditions such as paranoid schizophrenia, upon the influence of alcohol, they became aggressive and violent.

In conclusion, alcohol abuse has major effects on individual institutions such as family and education. Most of these impacts are negative in that they are the primary cause of troubled relationships. However, alcohol use and abuse can be controlled by moderate drinking, rehabilitation and counselling of alcohol addicts.

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