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Social Inequalities In Contemporary China

China is a country that has reported rapid growth economically. The economy of China has been gradually improving over the years. However, the assumption that the increase and improvement in economic growth benefit all the citizens in Contemporary China is wrong. Notably, social injustices are known to prevail in Contemporary China. We would expect that higher economic growth in China has resulted in better lives for the people and improved their living conditions. The citizens especially those living in the rural areas are more disadvantaged in almost all the aspect of life. The need to address the prevailing Social Inequalities in Contemporary China should not be overlooked. These inequalities have become an issue of concern even for international organizations. China Governments, however, has been slow in reforms and regulations that would reduce these inequalities.

Poverty in China Rural Areas

Poverty in China majorly affects the people in the rural areas. The resources availed in the rural areas are not enough for the people. The living standards of the people here are critically low and poor. However, those living in the urban areas have better lives as the standard of live for them is higher. Those living in the rural areas in China sometimes have no access to facilities such as hospitals. If they do, they need to walk for long distances to seek services. The level of income for the people living in the rural areas in contemporary China can hardly secure employment opportunities. All industries and factories have been built and constructed in the urban areas. The citizens in Contemporary China who live in the urban areas have better lives compared to those in the rural places. They can quickly secure well-paying jobs and thus have a higher income. Education facilities in urban areas are of higher quality as compared to the rural areas. The difference in wages and income is evident between those in the urban areas and those in the rural areas. The middle-class people with more wealth have better living standards and access to facilities in the urban areas in China. These social inequalities continue to increase the gap between the rich and the poor. The poor get poorer while the wealthy grow wealthier.

Need to Address Social Inequalities in Contemporary China

Social inequalities in Contemporary China require the efforts of the government of the Republic of China. Interventions should be driven towards redistribution of the already available resources to curb the rising injustices.

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