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Can Organizational Values on Leadership Dictate Profitability?

  • Introduction
  • Leadership structure in a business has been examined over the years in research studies. The ability of a business to gain profits or incur huge loses depends on personal traits of a leader, culture and behaviour. Effective leadership is very critical for any business to be successful. Past research has shown that not all organizations use the same leadership styles in achieving their success. Researchers also reveal that one or two leadership skills are common for all successful leaders. However, there is no single leadership pattern that has been used by all organizations or all leaders in achieving their success.

  • Transformational, transactional and laissez-faire leadership techniques
  • These leadership styles are regarded to be independent variables that determine the outcome of the dependent variables of organizations profitability and success. Due to the nature and endless consistent change of the economic environment and the challenges facing businesses, effective leadership is critical for making right decisions for the organization to succeed.

  • Transformational leadership
  • This is a type of leadership that is capable of inspiring and motivating followers to attain results that are greater than those that were initially planned. Transformational leaders work closely with their employees to adapt to their characteristics and promote company growth and success. They also instil self confidence in their employees so that they can tackle any tasks assigned to them with confidence.

  • Transactional leadership
  • This is a type of leadership in which the needs of an employee are taken into consideration. The leader recognises and rewards the employee for the tasks performed for the organization. The leaders also focus on employee mistakes and complaints. Rewards are used to motivate the employees to be more productive and concentrate more on the tasks and duties of the organization.

  • Laissez-faire leadership
  • This is a type of leadership that requires none to take responsibility for achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. Employees have freedom to teach themselves and act accordingly and leaders are not concerned of the organization’s results. Leaders avoid making decisions and delay responses to the employees’ questions. Employees need guidance to be productive in their tasks. This type of leadership is commonly used when a leader has little knowledge and understanding of the business environment.

  • Conclusion
  • Business leaders have a major influence on how employees should achieve their personal objectives. These leaders require a better understanding of different leadership styles to show development and constant progress in meeting an organization’s goals and objectives. The business leaders and owners should create a friendly and working atmosphere of their business through their leadership technique.

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