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22 Descriptive Essay Topic Examples You Should Consider

In a descriptive essay, the student should describe some person, event, experience, object, etc. This is a very interesting task where you may demonstrate your artistic talents. Students are often free to choose topics for their descriptive papers. If you cannot come up with an interesting idea, you may get some inspiration by looking at the sample topics below.

  1. Your favorite book or movie character.
  2. A place that frightens you a lot.
  3. The house of your dream.
  4. A meeting with a celebrity.
  5. Your favorite meal.
  6. The first day in an unknown city.
  7. A beautiful art exhibition.
  8. A scene of destruction caused by a hurricane.
  9. A person whom you really respect.
  10. Your favorite season of the year.
  11. The major achievement of your life.
  12. The day you fell in love.
  13. An ordinary day at school.
  14. A stranger at a bus station.
  15. A trip to the forest.
  16. A photo that made a great impression on you.
  17. A pleasant memory from your childhood.
  18. A lesson that the life taught you.
  19. A meeting with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time.
  20. A place you’d like to work in.
  21. A person you haven’t seen since your childhood.
  22. The life of a flower.

Some of these topic examples should definitely help you.

Keep in mind that to write a good descriptive essay, you should give the reader an opportunity to imagine not only the visual aspects of your description. Make them smell the scents of flowers, hear the laughter of children, taste the cookies you ate every morning when you were younger, touch the trees in the forest.

Not all students can create great descriptions. If you feel that your writing skills aren’t enough to earn an excellent grade for your paper, you should ask somebody for help. Here a few good options that you should consider:

  • Visiting academic centers.
  • Such organizations provide many services related to academic writing. They’ll show you how to use good writing techniques properly and will provide you with high-quality sample papers.

  • Hiring a professional tutor.
  • A personal tutor will spend enough time with you so that you develop good writing skills and learn how to deal with any academic task.

  • Buying custom essays.
  • If you can afford to spend some money to solve your problem, you may hire an academic writer or service that will provide you with an original and high-quality paper.

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