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5 Quick Tips On How To Write A Comparative Essay

Comparative pieces would essentially mean comparison of characters between two subjects. Presenting such a challenging essay can be a cake walk, if you know the correct technique and skill involved in its writing. People often face difficulties while writing a comparative essay. The following five important tips will guide you a long way to enhance the quality of your writing and come up with a stellar presentation.

Research on the topic thoroughly

Carry out extensive research on the selected topic before you start with the paper. The subjects selected for the essay should be such that it challenges and brings out the best in you. Make sure that the subjects chosen have the perfect mix of similar and contrasting characters. This will be of great help in presenting your arguments in a more convincingly and confident way.

Go for a bang with a convincing introduction

The introduction plays a very crucial role in the successful presentation of your essay. A boring and monotonous introduction will lead you nowhere. Making the introduction unnecessarily lengthy can by no means earn you extra points. You need to be a little creative while writing the introduction. The introduction should have a magnetic appeal, giving the readers sufficient reasons to remain glued to your presentation. Keep it short, simple and to the point.

Present the body

The body is the main essence of your writing. Present your points and arguments in the body. In short, the body should be able to define the sole purpose of your piece. Creativity is always welcomed and appreciated, but do not exaggerate on your arguments unnecessarily. Keep the language simple and lucid.

A great conclusion is an added bonus

The comparative essay should have a perfect finish with a great conclusion. The conclusion should be an icing on the cake. It should a summary of the whole essay, highlighting the key points. Incorporating your own views and ideas in the essay is always an added bonus. It can take your writing to another level. It goes without saying that the conclusion, too needs to be short, crisp and to the point.

Do not indulge in plagiarism

Take great care to ensure that the writing is by no means plagiarised. Your presentation should be 100% original, depicting your own views and ideas. Do not let your hard work get washed down the drain. It is a healthy practice to get your work checked for plagiarism.

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