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Common difficulties with college essay writing

Many students who excel in grade school find that they have problems when they arrive in college. One of their most common complaints is that college level writing is just too difficult for them. This feeling of difficulty is a frequently expressed one, but it can be overcome by realizing a few important things.

  • The pace of college coursework is much faster

    This is the most important thing that students need to understand. When they are given a reading or writing assignment for college, they need to begin it immediately, because their other classes will assign similar time consuming work. It’s not like high school, where a student may have only one or two essays due at a time. In college, they are likely to have a writing assignment due in every class at any given time, and they will often have multiple assignments due per week.

  • Start working on your term paper at the beginning of the term

    Whenever term papers are assigned, students should start considering their topic and doing background reading on the topic to prepare for writing the term paper. It’s not called a term paper simply because it’s due at the end of the term; it represents your cumulative efforts throughout the term as well. That means you should be putting forth effort toward completing it from the beginning. Schedule some time each week to work on it.

  • Write early in the day, for an hour at a time

    It’s tempting to leave papers until evening to write, anticipating being able to spend a few hours just marathon writing. However, it’s unrealistic. You’ll write faster and better if you start early in the day, and you write for only an hour or two at a time. You’ll also be much more focused! This means you should plan ahead and schedule writing time early when you get the assignment.

  • Create outlines for your essays

    Many students get out of the habit of creating essay outlines because they become complacent due to how simple grade school essays are. However, with college level essays your professor will expect you to write more detailed, complex papers, to remain more on topic, and to be more specific in your research. As a result, it can be a great advantage to organize your paper ahead of time by creating an outline.

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