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Where to Find Creative Topics for an Argumentative Essay?

Essay writing usually isn’t any fun, especially when you can’t figure out what to write. Having a good topic is what makes the writing easier and more interesting for you. When you’re able to find something fun about writing, your research and the entire process of this essay won’t seem so bad. It does show through your words if you hate or love the topic, and being passionate about something is always good for your grade. At the beginning, it can be hard to spend time on choosing a topic, because you just want to get the essay finished. You do need to have some time to dedicate to this though, because you don’t want to have to change your topic later on and waste the work you’ve done so far.

Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essays

If you’re still stuck on what to write about then you can use one of the below topics. There are a variety of ideas here that you can probably find at least a few you’re interested in. Use these in your next argumentative essay either the way they’re written out, or as a way to get thinking about other ideas.

  • Does class size affect learning?
  • Should students in middle school be tested for drugs?
  • Are parent-teacher conferences really important?
  • How is bullying and cyber bullying handled?
  • Should the age students can dropout be raised?
  • Should classes use computer games for teaching?
  • What constitutes “too much” time on Facebook?
  • How much texting is too much?
  • Do you trust using online reviews?
  • Will training in music make you more successful?
  • Is video gaming considered art?
  • Should we be seriously studying pop culture?
  • Do parents have different hopes for their sons vs. daughters?
  • Is there too much pressure on a perfect body image?
  • Should we watch football when it’s so dangerous to players?
  • Would you want your community to have a bike share program?
  • When do pranks become bullying?
  • Should wealthier people need to pay more taxes?
  • Do child stars have rough lives?
  • How big of a problem is smoking among teenagers?

Hopefully, that gives you a good start for picking your argumentative essay topic. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher or classmate for ideas. Your teacher is there to help you learn and I’m sure you’re not the only student struggling with this; you can swap ideas with your friends.

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