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Poverty: A Social Issue

Poverty is the condition of being poor or lack of material possessions which affects a considerable number of individuals in the society. Poverty is opposed by every group in the society and international bodies that are at the front in war against poverty. It’s as result of a combination of factors which are beyond the control of human and the geographical environment around him.

Poverty takes different dimensions. It can be the lack of the ability to raise enough money for basic needs, limitation of choices and opportunities and deprivation of human dignity by any means. It is insecurity or living in environments where one is vulnerable to harm which he has no control over. It is the inability access education and sanitation by members of the society. The economic aspects of poverty affect the social life of an individual and the society at large.

The causes of poverty

There are various factors; personal and impersonal which cause poverty most of which narrow down to the social welfare of an individual. Improper planning by governments for example on agricultural production makes the problem even worse.

The rich and powerful use their influence for selfish interests hence failing to achieve the objective of poverty reduction. Resources that are aimed at implementing the strategies of reducing poverty are personalized by the powerful in the society. This renders the poor in the society in a condition where they cannot work effectively or even at all to meet their needs and develop themselves. Inequality or the income gap between the rich and poor is a cause and result of poverty. The poor lack what it takes to improve their standards of living like education and social facilities while the rich have plenty of the same. The result is that the rich get better while the poor worse in poverty.

Poverty reduction

Embracing new technology in agricultural production makes easier accessibility of food and other basic goods. Strategizing on provision of cost effective education and health care equips them with necessary skills of dealing with poverty on their own.

Government should have strategies of controlling the population such that it matches food production and other resources like education and also improves their income security. There should be financial grants to boost the social security of the poor, whether there are conditions accompanying them or not. This ensures affordability of basic commodities and education. This provides a base of eradicating poverty.

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