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How To Write Different Types Of Essays

While in college, one is required to write different types of essays. Essay writing is common entity of school work, standardized exams, and required in most college applications. Key to writing a successful essay for a test is to choose the right essay to respond to. Also, college students should not be confused about the different types of essays out there.

Here are the four types of essays:

  • Narrative Essays tell a story.
  • Descriptive Essays paint a picture.
  • Expository Essays states just the facts.
  • Persuasive Essays tries to convince one that something is true and factual.

How to Write a Narrative Essay:

  • Tell the story about a real-life experience.
  • This type of essay challenges one to think and write about themselves.
  • The writer should try to involve the reader by making the story as vivid as possible.
  • The essay should be written in first person to make it more personable.
  • The essay should be written in a way where it builds toward a conclusion and makes a personal statement.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay:

  • The essay should paint a picture with words.
  • The writer should describe a person, place, object, or memory of special significance.
  • The essay desires to communicate a very deep meaning through the description.
  • The writer should show and not tell, through colorful words, a story.
  • The best way to do a descriptive essay is to ensure that your words reach the reader through their emotions.

How to Write an Expository Essay:

  • This essay is an informative piece that shows a balanced analysis of a topic.
  • This essay requires a writer to explain or define a topic.
  • With this essay a writer uses facts, statistics, and examples to explain a topic.
  • This essay is based on facts and not personal feelings.
  • This essay uses different components of other types of essays.
  • The writer does not write in first person or discusses their emotions.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay:

  • The writer wants to convince the reader of their point of view.
  • The writer must build a case using facts, logic, good examples, expert opinion, and reasoning.
  • The writer should present all sides of the issue to allow the reader to form their own opinion.
  • The writer should write the essay clearly so that the reader can understand why they should believe the writer’s point of view on the topic.

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