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The Great Bard


A bard is a professional poet who is mainly credited for his or her re-known poems. One of the most respected bards is William Shakespeare. Despite having written his works from as early as 1590, his works are still read up to date throughout the world. He is credited with having written thirty-eight plays, five poems and the famous William Shakespeare’s sonnets. As a product of his remarkable effort, he earned the title The Great Bard or the Bard of Avon.

The Great Bard

Shakespeare was born in Avon, which is a central location in England in April 1564. Despite his career only being 20 years long, he achieved a lot and greatly influenced the world of literature. He made history by marrying Anne Hathaway, a woman who was older than him by eight years at the age of eighteen. By the time he was dying at the old age of 52, he had compiled huge piece of literature artwork. Some of his works were even published without his consent; this included the deep personal poems.

In medieval times, bards were travelling poets who earned their livelihood by performing and telling stories. Shakespeare lived during this period and was constantly involved in poetry work. His works can be grouped into three categories that include some well-known comedies, popular tragedies and some of the best histories. His ability to combine the three categories and form an all structured play was a factor that distinguished him from other playwrights. Most playwrights were used to specializing in one category.

The bard’s influence was great especially because his poems were able to appeal everybody ranging from the peasant farmers to the wealthy kings. In addition, bearing the fact that even four hundred years after he compiled the poems they are still being read and recited throughout the globe, he is regarded as a genius. Moreover, Shakespeare is highly credited for shaping and improving the English language more than anyone else in the globe. In his lifetime, he created more than two thousand new words and phrases that included among others, downstairs, partner, mimic and schoolboy.


Due to its close affiliation with Shakespeare, the word ‘bard’ is presently used in synonymous with revered poets. The most crucial element, which has made the great bard remain significant up to date, is that his works are mashed up with different qualities making them appealing. With regards to the reverence in which Shakespeare is held with throughout the globe, and the fact that the bard’s tale was composed of great themes, it’s quite incontrovertible that Shakespeare is The Great Bard.

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