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Electric Cars

Electric car is a type of car that is propelled by use of electrical energy that is stored in batteries which are rechargeable instead of the well known diesel, petrol or gasoline. Electric cars are gradually becoming popular today but at a slower rate. Electric cars were first produced in the 1880s but gained short term popularity in the 19th and 20th century that ended abruptly due the introduction of improved internal combustion engines. The improved technology in the battery sector and the need for energy management has resulted in come back of the electric cars. Electric car are generally considered to be easy to drive, have a better performance and are quieter than the automobiles with internal combustion engines. Currently most electric cars are still expensive and are few in the market added with the introduction of hybrid cars, it will be real difficult for most people to ever enjoy a fully electric car.

How the electric cars work

As the oil consumption leads to reduced quality of air, health outcomes becoming poor and more expensive at the same time and the accelerated climatic changes the only way forward is the use of electric cars. So in the meantime how do electric cars work? The most important part in the electric car is the electric motor. Electric motor is used to propel the car forward or backward that is controlled by the electric controller. Electric motors normally power anything that gets it power from the engine for example water pump, power steering pump and the air conditioner. Array of batteries with the chargers that are used to store the electrical energy and charging the batteries are needed. A voltmeter to track the flow of current amperes to and from the battery arrays and has switch to control movement both the forward and reverse.

Advantages of using electric cars

An electric car is a quiet, smooth and a very quick car that makes regular car to look clunky and outdated. A car that can move a person for about 100 miles without going to a gas station with the exception of the long distance commuters then, that’s an electric car it only require to be charged at night. The lack of exhaust system and no need for changing the oil means that it is cheaper to maintain an electric car. An important aspect to most environmentalists is the emission of gases that are associated with global warming, to most electric cars makes the environment to have quality air something that makes it have a smaller impact on environment pollution.

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