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“Toking as Medicine”

Background information

Toking or smoking marijuana for medical purposes has gained momentum in the recent past with over 23 states in the USA legalizing it. This essay seeks to examine the medical content, and its effects.

As a point of departure, toking marijuana for medicinal purposes dates back thousands of years across numerous societies. The cannabis component cannabinoids, which include the tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol have been used for medical therapy and treating of diseases. However, It should be noted that, the marijuana usage in the modern era has been controversial. The American Medical Association have cited long term effects of marijuana medicine. It is remarkable to note that, despite the vehement opposition more states in the US are legalizing toking as medicine with Maryland and Minnesota joins the list in the recent past. Countries such as Jamaica, Bolivia and many others have continually tolerated usage of marijuana for medical purposes, despite its illegality. On the same regard, countries such as Australia are pushing for reforms to legalize and permit medical prescription of marijuana for particular patients. This trend is evident that, toking as a medicine is shaping up across numerous nations in the world and it is going to be accepted in the near future.

Medical Uses

The cannabis medical content has been cited to be beneficial to multiple sclerosis sufferers since it reduces the symptoms. Some of the symptoms treated by toking as medicine include dizziness, seizures, depression, patchy memory loss among others. In addition, marijuana pills are helpful in easing spasticity and frequent urination. In addition, cannabinoids serves as appetite stimulants and enhances analgesic effects. Moreover, marijuana is positively associated with various therapies, which help in sharpening the memory. Examples include magnetic and Gingko biloba.

Administration of Medical Cannabis

Detailed research has been conducted on how best marijuana can be administered. The medical marijuana can be administered through various ways, which include vaporizing, oral sprays and smoking dry buds.

Despite the continued campaigns to legalize cannabis medicine, Mack, et al, asserts that just toking pot even once a week results to brain malfunction and toking as medicine should not be legalized.

In conclusion, toking as medicine is rapidly gaining acceptance in numerous countries across the world and soon it will be widely accepted. However, stringent measures should be undertaken in the administration of marijuana to ensure it serves the intended medicinal purposes.

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