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The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” was his third book, and possibly his best work written. A highly Charismatic Jay Gatsby, for his love of life, parties, high society of the 1920’s, and one woman, is exposed. What seems like a simple romantic story is actually a very complex creation. The trio of Gatsby, Nick Carraway, and the lovely Daisy, are used by Fitzgerald to weave this wonderfully complex tale.

Jay Gatsby, a millionaire from out of the blue, comes to New York in 1922. But no matter how much he spends, how many parties he throws, and how many women he has over the night, he is still alone. He meets Nick, and slowly they become a duo and in which draws Nick further into this great Modern Greek tragedy.

The beautiful Daisy Bucchannan with a tale almost as complex as Jay’s. They had met while Jay was still in the military during WWI, and she had gone out with him, and seen Jay’s affection for her. Now married to Tom Buccannan, and learned of Jay Gatsby coming into New York. Jay learns that Nick is Daisy’s cousin, and sets up a rendezvous at Nick’s house.

Nick Carraway, is beginning in the financial world, but striving to be a writer. He comes into the illusion created by Jay Gatsby. Bringing him into a world where not all is as it seems, and yet is actually much more. He is asked by Jay Gatsby, to write his story, after all Nick wants to write. Then this is the Jazz age, and almost everything is an illusion to the rich and powerful. And Jay is just that, or is he? Nick and Jay bond as only two good friends can.

Daisy’s Husband, Tom Buchanan, is the main aggressor of the story. A crass and obnoxious man, that hides behind a well-trained mask nobility. He is an unfaithful husband, and has a very hot temper and abusive to those he feels are not his equal.

The Great Gatsby is an interesting story that will keep you wanting to know what will happen next. Published in 1925, this tale will be one read for a long time. Having already been made into several movies, the first one was published a year after the book. The Great Gatsby is a semi autobiography, based around the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Maybe this is what has and will make it such a great story.

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