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Creating A Good Rhetorical Analysis Essay: An Expert Manual

Rhetorical analysis essays can be written about films, artwork, other texts, shows etc. The tricky part about writing a rhetorical analysis essay is that you need to get in the head of the creator of the work and figure out exactly what he/she wanted to say.

The argument of the creator needs to be fully comprehended so the analysis is correct. You can also talk about the success of the argument and give evidence and information that support your view.

The First Step - SOAPSTone

Those experienced in writing this type of essay know that its success depends on rightfully identifying the SOAPSTone. That includes:

  1. Speaker
  2. Occasion
  3. Audience
  4. Purpose
  5. Subject
  6. Tone

When we say speaker we think about the name of the writer. The occasion doesn’t refer to an event, but to the type of text and the reason for writing it. The people who are meant to read the text are the audience. The audience is closely connected to the occasion. The occasion always includes details about the target audience. The reason why the author has written the text is its purpose. The writer wants to accomplish something with it, whether that is giving a point of view or selling a product. The topic is the subject that the author discusses about.

Examining Appeals- Second Step

  • The second step is examining the appeals. They involve logos, ethos and pathos. Logos are actually logical appeals. These appeals use reason for making arguments. Logos are present in academic writing. If the writer uses undeniable facts, evidence and data to support an argument, then you know he uses logos.
  • Ethnical appeals or ethos serve for getting an approval by using the character and credibility of the writer. Pathos are actually pathetic appeals, who rely on evoking emotions (anger, love, sympathy etc).
  • After you have gathered the information you need think what it suggest, what it represents. Ask yourself how the style, appeals and rhetorical strategies have helped the author convey the message and achieve his purpose. Analyze is the strategies are used correctly and if they have helped the purpose.

Also, see if a different audience would have demanded other types of strategies. Given that you are writing a rhetorical analysis, you don’t have to agree or disagree with the arguments. Your job is only to analyze if there is a correct use of appeals and if the author has successfully presented his argument.

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