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Top 30 Unique Essay Writing Prompts For High School Students

Whether your teacher has assigned you the task of writing a daily journal entry, or you need a prompt for creative writing, or you have been set a practice essay in one of the many formal styles, it is often difficult to come up with an idea. Where should you start looking?

Here are a few ideas to start you off.

  1. If I have children, I’ll not …
  2. Have you got a day you do not want to remember?
  3. Write a letter trying to order an impossible item
  4. Invent a menu for a new avant garde restaurant in town
  5. Which book would you most like to take a holiday in
  6. If I were I type of weather I would be …
  7. Think about a historical place and write about its memories
  8. How do you work out if you have succeeded or failed
  9. What makes that television show draw you back each week?
  10. Which person has made the most difference in your life?
  11. Can colors a wall is painted really affect your mood?
  12. Is healthy eating a moral responsibility?
  13. What is happiness as we have the ‘right to pursue’ it?
  14. Why does _____ annoy you?
  15. What if? Take a historical event and change one thing. Does it still end the same way?
  16. If I were President for the day I would …
  17. Clouds covered the moon the night I…
  18. Describe an item from an unusual angle
  19. Find a photograph from before you were born and write about what you think is happening
  20. Write down a family story that someone tells every time the whole family gathers
  21. Pick an ad from the lonely heart column of your paper and tell the story of the person who placed the ad.
  22. Write a user manual for how to wash a car – for someone who has never seen a car
  23. They demolished that old house at the end of the street and found …
  24. When the knock on the door came I …
  25. You have met a famous person from history as you traveled through time, what three questions would you ask?
  26. What is the best place in the world for a vacation?
  27. Should high school students have mobile phones?
  28. Discuss: is learning a foreign language useful in the globalized society
  29. What benefits can your hobby offer you in applying for college?
  30. If we could cure old age, should we?

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