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4th Of July: The United States

The 4th of July each year is the time the people of the United States of America celebrate their independence day. The 4th of July is referred to as federal holiday in the United States. The day is characterized by the use of patriotic displays in honor of the efforts that were put in place to see the states gain their independence from the colonial government. The colonialist in the United States had been the British. The 4th of July is thus an important day in the United States as it reminds the people of the United States of how far they have come. It gives the people of the United States the hope and motivation for growth as a result of their independence. During the 4th of July the politicians and the political leaders in the United States of America appear in the public in honor and praise of the citizens, the nation and the efforts of everyone who participated in the attainment of independence for the United States of America. Families take days off their jobs and can go on picnics as a way of commemoration and celebration. They take holidays to celebrate as the 4th of July is an important day for all the people and citizens of the United States of America. Patriotism is also shown and depicted through patriotic songs in praise of the states and the historical heroes and founding fathers of United States of America. One gunshot is also fired in the air as a salute and in respect of the heroes on the 4th of July in military camps and bases in the United States of America.

The 4th of July: Philippines

The day 4th of July is vital and important for the Philippines. It is a day that they set aside and is essential in the commemoration of their independence and when they stopped being part of the United States of America. The Philippines thus have the 4th of July as its Republic day.

The 4th of July: Rwanda

The 4th of July a vital day each year for the citizens of Rwanda. This is the day when the citizens of Rwanda celebrate the coming to an end of Genocide in the country. The United States is one of the powers that had played a role. The 4th of July in Rwanda has been set aside as the Liberation Day.

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