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A Comprehensive Guide On How To Use Footnotes In An Essay

Footnotes come with a very useful purpose. Indeed, they provide supplementary data as well as citations at the bottom of a page of the document. Generally, editors shall recommend parenthetical data to be put into footnotes which will serve as a way to keep the flow of the text all in one piece. When footnotes are utilized accordingly, they can definitely be useful addition to content or as an immediate approach to indicate a quotation.

Sadly, countless of students find the thought of writing endnotes and footnotes very challenging and because of this they just prefer to not include them in their papers. And, it is also due to this why some students obtain lower grades on their dissertations.

Below is a detailed guide in writing endnotes and footnotes. This guide is divided into 2 essential components:

  1. The first one points out how to design an endnote and footnote within a paper. In addition to this, the directions consider that nearly all students shall at the very least type up their compositions on a word processor like the Microsoft Word. Hence, this demonstrates how to design footnotes within that program. On the other hand, students who prefer to use WordPerfect may also find the directions quite useful.
  2. The second one demonstrates the appropriate format where to write up the citation at the time the student has already learned how to design a footnote.

Things to Remember

  • It is imperative to write works or bibliography prior placing the footnotes. Keep in mind that a footnote is generally, but not often, a compressed version of a citation that is placed at the end section of the book. So, whatever content your footnote will cover, it is perhaps the final thing to do in composing the text. It is important to write your complete paper plus the reference list prior inserting footnotes.
  • It is fundamental to go to the end of the sentence you prefer to footnote. Go to the references tab and afterwards make sure to click on the footnotes group and then choose insert footnote if you’re using Microsoft Word.

See to it that a “number 1” appears to the right side of the sentence and a “number 1” appears in the footer of the first page. After that, you will only need to type the data you would prefer to include foot-noted in the footer. The URL and the date of access, the title of the site and this must be in italics plus the editor or author of the website.

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