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How To Write A Conclusion For An Essay: A Step-By-Step Guide

The conclusion is the last paragraph in your assignment and is supposed to transit the readers from your world to theirs. The introduction and conclusion both act as a frame around the body of your paper. The rest of the paper discusses the major content of your work while the conclusion summarizes and shows the larger significance of your work. Students often ask what the best way to write a successful conclusion is or how to write this section without failing. It is understandable because if you put many efforts in your paper and rush with the conclusion, then all your efforts will be in vain. This is the last thing they will read about your paper so it should match the standard or add value to the rest of your assignment

To be able to pull of an effective conclusion for an essay, you should follow these instructions. These guidelines show you easy steps that you can follow in order to compose a winning and impressive ending for your paper.

  1. Finish your paper first
  2. Obvious!

  3. Jot down the major points
  4. So that you know what to discuss in your conclusion

  5. Restate your thesis statement
  6. Emphasis and restate your thesis statement without being repetitive

  7. Show the larger significance of your work
  8. Show how your work contributes to the society in general and what its applications are

  9. Ask a question
  10. Ask a question that can hook them and make them think about what they have been doing or thinking before this. It is a good engaging strategy

  11. Leave food for thought
  12. Provide something for your readers to think upon when you end your paper. This should give a long lasting impression on your readers. You can also do this to make sure that the readers can remember your paper for a longer time and value your efforts

  13. Suggest an action
  14. You can suggest an action based on the solution you have provided depending upon the type of your assignment. This helps readers remind themselves of what is the actual problem and how can they improve the situation. It would help you recollect the essence of your paper in one or two lines and suggest the readers what they should be doing. You have to be careful because you do not want to suggest something that does not go with the overall direction of your paper

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