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Top 7 Unique Compare And Contrast Essay Writing Ideas

Writing is not just a requisite skill for every student but a mandatory undertaking that every student is expected to get involved in. Throughout your academic life, you will spend most of it writing and composing literary pieces on a number of topics and issues. Also, you will be expected to craft essays creatively as one means of engaging your writing prowess and perhaps determine areas that require necessary improvements. There are also different areas or writing niches on which a student is required to have a good mastery of. On this premise, having diverse knowledge on various writing styles is a requirement that will always remain important in a student’s life. From persuasive writing pieces, argumentative articles, profile articles to compare and contrasts write-ups, diverse knowledge means a student must be dynamic whenever approaching compositions. Further, it means one must always be having the right and unique ideas at his or her fingertips all the time so that whenever an impromptu test is scheduled as it may always be, you are not taken aback but rather poised for the challenge. In this article, we take a look at some unique compared and contrast essay writing ideas you need to consider for your next writing assignment.

  • Creative compare and contrast composition ideas can come from something as simple as comparing two great people in history. On this premise, you can think of a topic like compare and contrast Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi
  • Because these types of literary pieces always border on differences and similarities, you can also think of a topic like- compare and contrast the place of Gay right in third world countries and developed worlds
  • Further, a good topic for consideration can be one like- A look at the similarities and differences between Time management in the West and Africa
  • Also, you may also want to think of a topic that borders on diseases. On this premise, a topic like-compare and contrast the symptoms of Cholera and Ebola
  • A good topic idea to also look into can be something like-What are the similarities and differences between Baseball and football
  • Top football players and athletes are admired world over. In this regard, you may want to compare great players like Lionel Messi and Chritinao Ronaldo based on their goal scoring records
  • Looking into the differences and similarities of place of women and children in war torn Syria and Iraq

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