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Where Can I Get A Well-Written Example Of A Five Paragraph Essay

The five paragraph essay model is the most basic and simple of essay forms. It will consist of one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a one paragraph conclusion. Sticking to these guidelines will help the writer stay organized and have an easier time writing, and it will also make an easier read for the reader if the essay is properly constructed. The reader needs to believe your thesis. Here is a look at what each piece of the five paragraph model needs to look like.


  • A solid introduction answers a few questions.
  • What is your topic? This informs the reader what the subject is and hopefully why you are motivated to write about it.
  • How will you go about discussing the topic? The reader needs to understand your means to an end by quickly presenting your research and how it will reach your conclusion.
  • The final piece of an ontro is your thesis statement. Typically you will wait until the last sentence in the introductory paragraph to disclose this. This is the time and place to state your point.


  • Everything in between your intro and conclusion belongs in the body of the essay, presumably made up of three points.
  • One paragraph per point, and within each paragraph there will be an intro, an explanation of the point, (backed up with evidence) and how this point and data are relevant to your thesis.
  • Think of the body paragraphs as the five paragraph essay on a much smaller scale.


  • The conclusion is essentially the introduction reiterated for the sake of bolstering your argument and emphasizing the points you have made to help you prove your thesis.
  • It is very important to find a way to link your points in a way that forms a seamless transition leading into your thesis. There are two effective ways to accomplish this.
  • You can either leave your points static, and simply state that individually these points prove your thesis. or
  • You can present them in a cumulative manner, detailing the relation between point one that leads to point two, and from point two to point three that lead you to your final conclusion and thesis.

A cursory search online will provide plenty of sufficient examples for the five paragraph essay model. Academic instructors and advisors are also available to help assist with the writing process itself.

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