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Useful Directions On Completing A Paper On Bullying Effects

Composing an essay on the subject of the effects of bullying is not a difficult assignment. The topic is a big one and has been explored many times in a wide variety of sources. You only need to decide which angle you want to come at the subject from. Will you be talking about it from a psychological point of view – in which case you will need to conduct the appropriate research? Will you be writing about it from a personal point of view? These are important things to consider.

Here are some things to keep in mind when writing an essay about bullying effects:

  • There is nothing like a human interest point of view. Gather as many stories as you can that can help you explore the short term as well as the long-term effects of bullying.
  • Research both sides of the story – both the person who was the victim of bullying as well as the person who was doing the bullying. If you can, keep track of how both their lives progressed over the years and where they are now – everything from whether they are successful to what personality type they have – and explore whether the bullying had a part in making them that way.
  • Think about bullying from a child’s point of view. If you were bullied when you were younger, you would have a lot of firsthand experience to write from. If you weren’t, it would take a little more effort and contemplation.
  • Think about bullying from a parent’s point of view – talk to parents whose children have been bullied and imagine yourself as a parent dealing with a child who is regularly bullied . What do you imagine the effects would be and what impact would it have on the child’s home life?
  • Consider the impact of bullying on a child and explore the different options of ways they may choose to deal with it, and the effects of those choices on their immediate and distant future. Might it turn a more docile child progressively aggressive? Would it change one child into someone stronger but cause another child to turn completely into themselves, fearing everyone?

The important part is that you feel passionate about your subject. Once you begin your research and discover how truly vast the subject is, you won’t have a lot of trouble putting it on paper. As mentioned above a human interest story would grab anyone’s attention – that is simply the way human’s minds work. If you follow this advice while writing your essay, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

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