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Writing An Opinion Essay - Free Tips And Examples

An opinion essay is simply an academic form of writing where you are required to express your personal opinion regarding a certain topic. An opinion essay can be on topics on general life issues, controversial topics or just anything. It will require you to have a good start off in case you will flow in the subsequent paragraphs. Here are some tips that will help you to come up with a captivating essay:

Do your research and organize your points

Before you can commence writing any essay, you should decide which side that you are supporting. This will give you a guide as you look for your main points. Having chosen the side that you are for, coming up with supportive points should be easy. You can make a rough draft having done your research in order to ensure that you do not leave out any point that you had come up with.

Acknowledge previous different perspectives

Before you can make a clear-cut on the side you are supporting, it is important for you to appreciate previous opinions that had been made. This is a good way of making the reader understand where you are coming from. After that, state the reason why you are of a different opinion from the one previously stated. This will give you a good flow as you will try the best you can to make the reader to support your opinion at the end of the essay. This is mainly best achieved by stating a point and giving several support evidences. In case you can quote a research information in books that may fully convince the reader that what you are you are supporting is indeed correct.

Use the 5 paragraphs format

In any opinion essay, you are required to have a clear format right from the beginning. You should have an introductory paragraph, the main body which should have at least three points and the support paragraphs and finally a conclusion. This will give your work flow ensuring that you any reader will have a flow when reading your essay. The conclusion paragraph is ideally a summary of the preceding paragraphs.

Stick to your side

A common mistake that many people often make is switching sides. This happens mostly when they have run out of points in the side they were supporting. This is something that can really confuse the reader as they may fail to understand what side you are supporting. For any opinion essay that is to get an audience seated to read through, it should be easy to predict which side you are supporting.

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